Health Begins at the Cellular Level



Because we understandably tend to see our bodies as a whole and not as a collection of individual cells, it’s easy to forget that cells are the very foundation of your physical being and are the basic units of the human body. Your body is made up of an astonishing seventy-five trillion cells! Those cells, pre-programmed before birth, combine in intricate human architectural patterns to form tissues. Those tissues in turn form organs. The organs combine to form body systems-respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, reproductive, and more and those system combine to form you!

Healthy cells produce a healthy you. The goal here is to get your cells
healthy and then maintain these healthy cells at an optimal a level, so that you can
avoid disease and enjoy a healthy, vibrant life.

Keeping your cells healthy is not difficult but it’s not something that comes naturally
to most people, especially in our modern world where you are bombarded almost
constantly with noise, pollution, less than nutritious food, and stress. Maintaining
a healthy and strong body is not something that just takes places effortlessly.
This takes mindfulness.

You have to work at it regularly, even on those days when you don’t much feel
like it. Because when you approach your health this way, one day you’ll discover
that you don’t have to think about what choices to make about food, or sleep or exercise or how to manage stress, because your cellular wisdom has kicked in and
you just ‘know’ intuitively what to do.

The very first step is becoming aware of cause and effect. So how do you cultivate
mindfulness around food choices, for example? By asking yourself this simple
question, every time you are about to put something into your mouth: How will
my cells benefit from this food I am about to put into my body?

Let’s examine for a moment why you should care about what happens in your
body at a cellular level. One of the most important reasons is your choice of foods
can decrease cellular inflammation, which is the root cause of every major disease.
Toxic foods fuel inflammation at the cellular level like gasoline poured on a fire.
Decreasing cellular inflammation is one of the major keys to support the healing
of most disease processes today.

Another reason for optimal cellular nutrition is that the right foods produce cellular
detoxification because they support regeneration of the cell membrane. If nutrients
can’t move in and out of the cell due to an inflamed cell membrane, the cell
becomes toxic, causing countless negative health conditions.

Your cells, every seventy-five trillion of them, all perform the processes that are
needed for living, such as breathing, digesting and moving. Your cells, the smallest
structures of your body, are what define life. From single cells to tissues to organs
to support structures, the organization of cells form the human body systems.

Once you truly understand the statement, health begins at a cellular level,  you will possess the key to reaching a truly optimal level of physical health.

You’ll have a clear mind, free from ‘brain fog.’ A mind that overflows with creativity
and natural optimism and is able to think critically and logically on demand.
You’ll no longer have to struggle to keep your weight in check, as your cravings for
sugary treats and other nutritionally empty foods that caused you to pack on
pounds in the past will simply vanish. Your immune system, formerly so sluggish it
couldn’t even protect you from the latest ‘bug’ at the office, will hum like a fine-tuned engine, protecting your body from illness and disease.  And aging won’t mean a slow, inevitable decline into multiple prescriptions on your nightstand or wasting away in a rocking chair, but will find you living an active, vital, meaningful life.

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  • Maday Labrador