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Are All Calories the Same?

You have likely been told that to lose weight you had to count your calories. That the types of foods you ate were not that important, as long as you got the required number of calories into your body in a day.
  • Maday Labrador

An Easy Guide to Understanding the Digestive System

To understand how your food choices are affecting your health, let’s take a closer look at digestion.
This blog is an easy guide to understanding the digestive system.

Health Begins at the Cellular Level

Once you truly understand the statement, health begins at a cellular level,  you will possess the key to reaching a truly optimal level of physical health.
  • Maday Labrador

Is Natural Sugar From Fruit Bad?

Fructose, or fruit sugar, has received a lot of mainstream attention. Several studies suggest that high amounts of fructose can negatively affect your health.  But if fruit is good for you, can a natural sugar from fruit be bad?
  • Maday Labrador